Agoo is a baby’s highchair. When my little daughter was born, I wanted to create something for her with my own hands. Emotions of joy and happiness experienced after birth resulted into a design of this agoo chair. It is very light, warm and joyful. It is not just a chair for a baby but a small world of a little one, his or her personal space in the kitchen.

Birth of a new life is an incredible and touching moment. Whether it is the birth of a child or a chicken. How nice it is to watch chicken eggs turning into charming little yellow balls. The very process of chicken birth influenced the creation of this form of the chair seat. It reminds of shell of the egg of a newly hatched little chicken. The agoo chair has a very concise and simple design without any extra functions, it is solid and comfortable. Most importantly, it is stable thanks to three wooden pillars. And what is more important, it is easy to clean thanks to a plastic seat. The chair is equipped with a removable and adjustable table and a leg support.

As in most cases, creation of the chair began from sketches in the notebook. Then a detailed 3D modeling and drawings were prepared. Next, I proceeded to manufacture a prototype, which my daughter enjoys now. Thanks to her, I was able to test the chair’s comfort and safety.

Surprisingly, since this is my first object, I got a lot of nice feedback. In the beginning, I created the chair for my daughter only, but now I have thought why not give others the opportunity to enjoy the chair. Now I am in search of manufacturer, and I am open to cooperation.

Stanislav Boichuk

Furniture designer in Ukraine. In 2015 finished Lviv National Academy of Arts, department of Interior Design, BA degree. Now I’m working as freelance designer.