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Julie Guillem
July 25, 2017
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My project is a serie of 4 illustrations, printed in linocut in 3 colors and in 10 copies. My project is called "ailleurs" which means in french somewhere else. This project is an invitation to travel, a way to take off to a different country with a atmosphere, colors or shapes

I started by drawing few images that I had in mind since a long time. All this image have in common that they are related to the idea of travel, to the feeling of being somewhere else, somewhere which is not home. I wanted that these illustration express the feeling you have, when you take a plane and arrive in a completely new country, in which one there is a different light, atmosphere or colors... I choose to printed these images in linocut, I like the technique because it force you to use a limited number of colors and simple shape.

I first start by colored skteches. Then I did a precise drawing of my illustrations. In a second time I engrave the linocut plates, one plate per color. After I prepared my colors : blue, pink and dark blue, I printed on paper color by color each plate. I printed my illustration in 10 copies.

I receive good comments on my project. I participated to some print fair in Vienna, where I sold most of my prints. People like the simplicity of my images, especially the one in which one a plane take-off. I learned that people still like limited edition and unique prints

Some of my prints are still available on my shop, for the one who would be interested

Julie Guillem

Julie Guillem is a french illustrator currently working and living in Paris. She studied illustration at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris (ENSAD) and graphic design at the University of Applied Art of Vienna. She enjoys working with different mediums, printing techniques and colors. For Julie, illustration is a way to travel, experience and discover new possibilities. She produce work for newspapers, magazines, companies and associations. She published her first children book «Atlas des Nuages» in 2016 with Actes Sud Junior, which has been rewarded in France. She’s always up for new challenges and adventures.

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