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Daniel Turner
March 7, 2018

AIO is an "all in one" multitool specifically designed for mechanics and shops to help speed up the inspection and repair process. By turning four tools into one, technicians are required to carry less and focus their attention on their job, being a good mechanic. AIO was an exploration of shape and design while incorporating new technology to breathe life in to the stagnant tool industry.

I came up with the problem statement through my own personal experience as a technician. Through the design process I was able to distill the tools I used and needed to complete a vehicle inspection quickly and effectively. Then, based on materials currently used in the tool industry and the durability requirements of the automotive shop environment I created a product that I feel will effectively solve the problem.

I hand sketched and ideated the initial design both physically and digitally in Sketchbook Pro. Afterwards I brought the idea to CAD using a new to me program, Fusion360. The model was then 3D printed using the Shapeways printing service where it was finished and assembled by me. Finally product renders were made using Keyshot to create eye catching visuals.

Through this project I learned new ways of ideating using IDEO methodology to help develop my idea into a fully flushed out problem statement. I also enhanced my CAD skills by learning a new program, Fusion360. Fusion360 allowed me to be more fluid with my modeling and incorporate G2 curvature into my model which made the final 3D printed form more realistic.

Daniel Turner

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