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Luís Pedro Fernandes
September 21, 2018
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This is a photo shoot of Alexandra in a village with a beautiful light and place. The golden hour in that place called my attention for make a photoshot and then i made it. The final result made me very happy and I hope you do too.

This idea come when i was running in my village and then i see this place at the golden hour and immediately think to do a photo shoot with somebody. In the next day i called Alexandra for going shooting in that place in that hour, ando so it was.
I do this photo shoot with my canon 100D and a 50mm. I chose this lens because i like to use in portraits.
The hour was also choose wisely around 6.30 pm and 7 pm because it's when the sun goes down and give us the golden hour.

The software that i used was Adobe Lightroom. I start with my presets that i usually use and make the adjusts that was need. Start with ajust the exposer, the brights and shadows. Then i change the curves if necessary. Finally I retouch a little the colors but not too exaggerated for not leave the tones.

Even to see I have not been criticized or given any response, but I hope you like it and can somehow inspire someone. This project has not given me anything new. I already knew how to work with light and all this stuff, but i enjoyed a lot to do this.

Luís Pedro Fernandes

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