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Algoritmi USV Cargo Concept

Algoritmi USV Cargo Concept

BelKharmoudi Aziz
July 29, 2016

Algoritmi is a concept design study for a Zero emissions Cargo Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) or Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV), measuring 800 m in length and incorporating a number of futuristic technologies These technologies include a Zero carbon propulsion system Powered by a compact atomic fusion reactor, Robust and lightweight Composite Materials, solar panels, On-board Supercomputer system architecture With AI for Auto management and control, ultrasound and laser sensors, Radars and anti-collision Systems, 360° Cameras , satellite and GPS Navigation Systems, These technologies will be able to make the vessel full Autonomous with unlimited range of operations.

This project started with the question ‘How to improve efficiency in the shipping industry?’ and ‘what is the future of shipping industry?’, So my idea was to propose a concept design study for a Zero emissions Cargo Unmanned Surface Vessel incorporating a cutting-edge futuristic technologies.

The process started by defining a problem and a scenario in which I would design a solution. After that I started the research phase exploring many different ideas, Once the design is fixed, I started to create a CAD model. Finally, i render the 3d model with Keyshot and I used Photoshop for the post production.

At this time this project has appeared in behance, some websites, etc, therefore I've received a lot of positive comments, views and likes and feedbacks from many people about the project. and many people was really interested in the Concept futuristic technologies.

My project is named after, al-Khwārizmi, formerly Latinized as Algoritmi, one of the most prominent and influential thinkers of the Islamic Golden Age, he was a mathematician, astronomer, and geographer. He is often considered one of the fathers of algebra.

At this time there’s still much work to be done, including current rules and legislation and careful examination of the safety and security implications of operating USV ships, some technologies in this concept are still futuristic, in consequence this ship concept could be a reality as early as 2050.

BelKharmoudi Aziz

As STEVE JOBS once said “people with passion can change the world ”. I’m autodidactic Product and graphic designer, and Since my childhood, I has shown great passion for design and high-tech science, I believe that design is not anything superficial. This is an approach that achieves objectives, find solutions. It is a real lever for progress, innovation, and invention. It is a place of crystallization of all human disciplines, design is a way of thinking, of determining people’s true underlying needs, and then delivering products and services that help them. Design combines an understanding of people, technology, culture, society, and business. I'm passionate about my work, and extremely motivated to maintain a high standard. I don’t hesitate to take responsibility, I would describe myself as pragmatic, talented, passionate, prolific creative, sociable, reliable person. My interests range from design, and graphic art through high-tech science and business World.

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