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All Legal Identity

All Legal Identity

Sergey Dergachenko
May 26, 2017
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All Legal is a new law firm specializing in legal support, based in Moscow, Russia. Project goals: Communicate brand values through its identity. Create a minimalistic visual identity, that will differ from common solutions used in this sphere and be effective and easy to apply in all elements of brand identity.

Creative Solution: The main advantage of "All Legal" is legal support of the client starting from the first meeting and till all results are achieved. So the metaphor of the brand is the way, which the company and their clients go through: the way that is from the very beginning and until the very end is legal.

I started from hard sketches and first variants were very traditional typographic solutions, so then I tried to think in other way and found the simple and clever metaphor of what is legal support — the way, which the company and their clients go through.

You can come to the client with minimalistic and creative solution in a very traditional sphere and it will work perfectly for his business. You can use just one line to create a strong image of a brand and communicate brand values through its identity.

Sergey Dergachenko

I am Sergey Dergachenko, art director & graphic designer based in Moscow. Crazy about minimalism, typography and simple visual communications. I work worldwide, you can commission me at [email protected].

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