ALLY, Activity Tracker for You and Your Dog

Ally is an activity tracker for both owners and their dog. Currently, many dogs are spending a lot of time at home alone, and not spending enough time together with their owners. This causes serious anxiety and stress for many dogs. Our solution is a tracking system that allows owners and their pets to work as a team; keeping track of each individual’s activity and time spent together, to motivate both to live a healthier life.

Ally was created in collaboration with Jacqueline Bae (Product Designer) and Sho Rust (Graphic Designer) at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena in Fall, 2013.

The idea came after doing research for a class at Art Center College of Design. My teammates and I, saw a big opportunity in heath products for dogs and realized a lot more could be done for pets to live a healthy life.

The work was created first in sketches, by hand and on photoshop. We built mock ups by hand using various techniques such as laser cutting wood. We then translated it into 3D using Alias and Solidworks. The final products were 3D printed and painted afterwards.

We had a great response and feedback from potential users. We learned an immense amount about how pets live with their owners, and how much dogs health and fitness was very misunderstood by talking with professional veterinarians and pet owners.

thomas belhacene

Born and raised in South of France, surrounded by a family of race car drivers, I would spend my after school hours working at my dad’s garage. At an early age, my brothers and father worked and fixed the existing race cars, while I always more interested in finding ways to make them better, through design and engineering. The need for getting my hands dirty, problem solving and designing solutions to problems has always been a part of me.

I am interested in all areas of design, ranging my portfolio from Automotive Design, Product Design to Footwear Innovations, Prosthetics, Interface Designs and looking forward to expanding my skills to many more design fields. I have had the privilege of interning at Nissan Design America, Bertone, Nike, Google [X], and Bugatti as well as working with companies such as McLaren Automobiles, Eastman and Chrysler on various projects.

My interests lay in what the future can offer to people, both functionally and emotionally, and how it will affect them for the better, through vehicles, products, experiences and anything they will interact with.

Recently graduated Transportation / Product Design student at Art Center College of Design ——– Fall 2015

Available for Freelance