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Chee Leong Ting
August 23, 2018
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Aloha doorbell is designed to match all the consumer's home style. The variety of color variants and textile element brings up the beautifully of the doorbell that never seen before in the market. It's can be a decorative item in any places around your home. Aloha can be hang or put it at any places you want as long as it's look great to you!

Over the years doorbell design is still look pretty much the same at the market. The concept of Aloha is come from the Hawaii with bluish ocean and hammock around the seaside. Its represent the color of Aloha and the textile element.

Start my research of the doorbell from the market and study the structure and components. Refine the idea of the Aloha and started to design the structure and then draw the 3D model by using Rhinoceros. After done the modelling, I printed the model and had a research on textile material. Then, I rendered the model by using Cinema4D to find out the most suitable color to match the Aloha.

Can hang the doorbell at anywhere around the house just like hanging a key chain and look stylish. Try to use the different and new material in designing a product sometimes will bring the freshness and unexpected result for you.

Chee Leong Ting

I’m an industrial designer from Malaysia. I love everything that has to do with product, graphic, and packaging design. I love working with people especially in the team. It help me to learn a lot of things and different culture from each other.

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