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Alpha and Omega by David Torres

Alpha and Omega by David Torres

Honey Adraque
September 11, 2015
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This print is intended to be used as a form of guerilla advertising using low cost strategies. A limited color palette with a creative use of halftones shows a seamless pattern that alternates in color as it travels through the illustration. Based on the Book of Revelations where Christ is revealed to be the Alpha and Omega.

The inspiration, story and name of the 'Alpha Omega' piece are really all one in the same. As a child I had much faith in God and as a teenager on to my early adulthood, most if not all had diminished. Many trials and tribulations later, I realized it was Jesus Christ who stuck by me closer than a brother. Turning to my faith, I began to create works of art that brought the pages of scripture to life. (Well at least to me anyway, since I'm more of a visual learner.) The name Alpha and Omega is taken from the Bible in the pages of Revelation 22:13 when Jesus is revealed to be God all along. Alpha and Omega meaning the beginning and the end.

- David Torres


This piece wasn't without it's challenges, however. This piece has a history that's somewhat interesting. It began as a T-shirt concept for Disney (of all places) for their Night of Joy annual Christian event. It was unfortunately declined since what was shown was very early in its conceptual stage. Not wanting to be denied, I took the design for myself and refined it working hours on end. More challenges would arise when selecting a limited color palette (about 4). I wanted something that would say "ethnic" but I kept missing the mark. Not only was the color palette an issue, but also trying to figure out how to work within those color limits. I also had to create a color-alternating halftone pattern that would transition throughout the whole piece without being either too distracting or breaking the color flow. In the end, I would say this piece went through a total of 7 revisions. With that said, I hope someone out there enjoys the finished product as much as I enjoyed making it and may God bless you! :)

- David Torres


About David Torres

David Torres is a professional graphic designer and illustrator with 15+ years of experience. By day, he works for a major apparel company in the USA. They design for anyone from Disney, Universal Studios, to Lucas Arts. By night, he is a freelancer and he runs the just shy of 10 years. While he's disciplined in various forms of art ranging from Sculpture, painting and design, his passion has always been illustration. Whether it be by pen or vector line. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile or website.

One comment on “Alpha and Omega by David Torres”

  1. I really like the layout design, the fonts you picked. It's so clean and looks effective... Tho since I'm stuck to the current layout it looks a little bit weird, 'cause it's a complete brand new design. I like it.

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