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alternative perspective

alternative perspective

Cristina Coral
October 11, 2019
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Trough this project the altering of the perspective creates a different/alternative perception.
The space and the environment are the real protagonist of this project.
This project is an exploration of form and space. The ongoing series is composed of images taken in different places: Italy, Berlin, Slovenia.

During an editing I rotated some pictures and I thought altering the use of perspective and the point o view creating whole different perception, the title came spontaneously, I immediately thought it was perfect.
My works are triggered by observation of reality, thoughts and memories. My work comes naturally,it is my way of seeing, it reflects what I am, what I like, what I'm going through that belongs to me deeply. Every single aspect, shapes, background, models, colors, light, composition, details play a major role in my photography.

I shot this project with just natural light and my digital camera. Photos are post produced with Adobe PS.
I've never used filters and I use really little PS where I retouch only tones and colors.I like to search for an inspiring location, I do select the clothes for the shooting, I pick up the right model and I like playing with colors, patterns, mood or details, finding the balance among all these.The space and the environment are the real protagonist of this project.

People loved the project and always support me and this is really important to me.
I have to admit that this project impressed me personally right from the start and
more than learned, I discovered that I am attracted to geometries, proportions and spaces.
This project was awarded at Photography Grant 2018 in the category Experimental and gave me a lot of satisfaction.

Cristina Coral

Cristina is an award-winning photographer based in Italy, specialized in creative and fine art photography.
She has lived her childhood in an artistic environment. She loves to explore the complex relationship between subject and environment. She has collaborated with a variety of magazines and brands.

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