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Aluminum Heatsink Laptop Stand

Aluminum Heatsink Laptop Stand

Bryan Wong
July 18, 2016

My MacBook Pro always heats up very quickly, and I wanted a laptop stand that can reduce the heat and improve ergonomics. I believe that a product can perform at its optimal level while remaining a subtle form. By utilizing the amazing material attributes, the laptop stand acts as a passive heat sink and dissipates heat into the air. It is CNC milled out of a single block of aluminum, sandblasted with an anodized finish. Without the use of fans, the design doesn’t require power and remains quiet.

It started when my MacBook Pro heats up very quickly, and I wanted a laptop stand that can reduce the heat and improve ergonomics. I chose metal as the main material as it has the highest thermal conductivity. As I imagined this design caters to power-users, I've decided to add subtle yet complexity to the design to accentuate the engineering aspects of it.

I first used Solidworks to create a base model for basic dimension and minimum clearances. After I got the base modelled out, I created foam core models to test for fit and ergonomics. This process goes through a few iterations until I'm satisfied with the result and sent it to a vendor to manufacture it.

I think there's a certain beauty within analog designed object that can't be replaced by software, lines of codes. The beauty is simply place your laptop on the laptop stand and it'll do the rest for you, automatically and instantly. My main design approach for this project was a continuation of my previous project, Material Justice. I strongly believe that by utilizing material's unique material properties, it accentuates the design while keeping it simple and subtle. Aluminum is honest, it has amazing material properties and can be recycled infinitely. After going through the anodizing process, it creates a smooth surface finish on the aluminum, making it scratch resistant. By utilizing aluminum’s amazing material attributes, the laptop stand acts as a passive heatsink and dissipates heat into the air without the use of fans or power while remaining silent.

Bryan Wong

I'm Bryan, a Brooklyn-based industrial designer who believes that design should be created with a twist of respect and dash of playfulness. My vision is to design simple products that can trigger a deeper connection between users and materials — making the ordinary extraordinary.

I observe the world around me constantly and am always inspired by it. This passion and curiosity led to great discoveries, allowing me to create innovative, beautiful and compelling products that solve real needs. I find pleasure in exploring how different materials and manufacturing methods can accentuate designs of an object. This micro-consideration shows the level of detail taken into account of people's lifestyles and how it enables the user to do better, complex work as well as eliminate frustration.

A 2015 graduate of Pratt Institute's acclaimed ID program, I have developed products on my own and in collaboration with others. I'm also a Third Culture Individual who grew up in countries across the globe. I gather inspiration from traveling the world, immersed in nature's profound beauty and various cultures. This global experience gives me unique insight and experience upon which to draw from in my design work.

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2 comments on “Aluminum Heatsink Laptop Stand”

  1. That's one massive heatsink! Looks great I like it. Simple & effective. Are you going to sell it? I think a lot of people would buy it.

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