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Amoveo Spa - redesign website

Amoveo Spa - redesign website

Kris Anfalova
December 1, 2016
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Amoveo SPA is the first BIO SPA in Russia, certified by BEing ECOCERT, where only natural product lines for professional facial and body care are used. The products do not contain any parabens, laureth sulfates and other toxic components. In Amoveo SPA you will receive exclusively natural care.

Joining Amoveo SPA you are joining the community of those, who take care of their health, environment and future.

The main idea was to make an easy site that will immerse visitors in an air atmosphere. Amoveo Spa Salon - ozhin of the best salons in St. Petersburg, so the site should look expensive, modern and stylish. Bright inserts emphasize the important elements. From all this it turned out that you now see on the screen.

Work began with the selection of reference design. I used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. The work was performed on a grid bootstrap 1170 pixels. The site is completely adaptable. There were a few sketches of the main page, in the end chose a long, bright and CONTEMPORARY.

People like this work is its lightness. The fact that it's light, at the same time it is bright and individually. It turned out clean. So as people like the logo and a selection of colors in this work. I received a lot of comments on this work, and they inspire new experiments.

Kris Anfalova


My name is Kris and I like interesting projects in design and redesign websites and UI/UX. I work exclusively on freelance conditions worldwide.

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