Ampathy : Speaker for everyone

Ampathy is a vibration speaker for the cultural communications of hearing impaired people
People who have auditory disorders were isolated from communications with others.
They were excluded from social cultural activities such as listening to music or watching a movie.
They cannot hear sounds, but they are very sensitive to vibrations.
Using this feature, Ampathy express the vibration and sound simultaneously so deaf people and common people can enjoy music together

Unable to communicate with speech nor sound, hearing-impaired people suffers a great discomfort.
Although the sharing and sympathizing of cultural life are the key parts of communicating with each other, hearing-impaired people have few opportunities for them.
To solve this problem, transfers sound into vibration, enables hearing-impaired people to enjoy sound included activities such as listening to musics, and watching movies.

The most difficult task was to create the devices shapes.
I continued thinking about form which appropriate for feeling vibration. and made several soft mock-ups
After that, I drew some sketches from my shape inspirations and make 3D modeling & rendering with rhino 3D & Keyshots.
At last, I edited images using a photoshops
It was little bit hard because I didn’t make my previous project in that quality

The motif of my design began with the comic written by a deaf artist.
That artist love music but she can’t listen music. so she feel the little vibration of the music from the speaker.
I saw that scene, thought that I can make some speaker for her to feel the music and sound.

For this project, I have been living with my ears closed to experience the hearing impaired people’s life.
It’s so lonely to live as a deaf because of the lack of communication.
I want to make them enjoy cultural enjoyment equally, and I will design some devices like Ampathy.

Through this work, I was glad to be able to study more deeply about the user.
I will updating other projects continuously. If you are interested, please follow me on Behance.

Hyungjun KOO

Student designer