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Sami Boudra
February 17, 2018

This projet takes place in the Amsterdam zoo, during a summer trip. The following photographs are colorful, but without souls. I make two parts, and this one is the happy side of Amsterdam zoo. I chose this part because I think it reflects what part of nature can offer as inspiration.

I walked with friends and followed the zoo's visit, until going through the aquatic part. Then, I was stunned by the purity of colors emitted from these plants andcreatures. I just took the time to look around, and forced to see these bright colors, I blew my camera and took these shots. I didn't chose anything, i captured the moment.

I made all these shots with a Canon EOS 700D, and an 18-135mm lens from Canon also. I used some photoshop to adjust contrast, balance, and saturation. No more. Basic editing. Why ? Because I want to bring out the natural beauty. This shots are better without makeup.

I have had feedback from friends who have never seen such clear colors from plants, they was surprised. I learned that nature was like an image bank, if you look at it, it can be very rewarding culturally and creatively.

As I said, I created two parts. The other part is truer than this one. With emotions and meaning. They reveal a message through looks.

Sami Boudra


I'm Sami, i'm 21, french student in WebDesign, living in Paris.
I express my creativity trought design and photography.

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