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amusement or fear?

amusement or fear?

Irem Türkkan
October 22, 2017
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Although amusement parks are for people to have fun and enjoy, I always thought that they have a scary part. It's not because of the haunted houses but all of that screams, colours, crowded and mass make me feel frightened. The project is about my senses when I see an amusement park or when I'm in it. I tried to reflect that as I see and feel.

I always like to mix the photography and the traveling. One of the things I certainly believe is that they cannot exist without each other. Traveling teaches lots of various things to the photographers than all of the technical or settled knowledges that have been learned. So, I go outside from the place I am, the place I feel safe, and get to the world.
This series formed when I was walking at night. It was always in my mind to shoot the amusement park at night. Cause it has a feeling at night, beside daytime.

I shot the series with Canon EOS 60D and EF-S 18-135mm IS lens. Also, I edited the pictures with Adobe Lightroom. I just added some grain and didn't change much things because the pictures already gave the feelings that I want.

Also, when I was shooting these pictures, people who work on the park was staring at me and I felt like they don't want me to take pictures, so it started to be a little bit more weird and scary. I hope that you can feel the pictures and the place as I did.

You can see more of my photos on;

Irem Türkkan

Born in 1995, Istanbul. Studying Visual Communication Design. Interested in Photography. Have passion for traveling, exploring, and seeking.

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