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Chung-Yen Chang
October 8, 2017
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The Italian food company, Barilla, is trying to apply the 3D-printing technology ton the food industry, and looking for a new shape of pasta that brings new eating experience to the customers. Anelli is a 3D-printing pasta proposal that demonstrates how the pasta could look with such kind of producing methods. The shape of Anelli takes full advantage of 3D-printing technology and presents a new way of eating pasta.

The pasta has been developed in the food industry for centuries, and categorized into several groups by its functionality ( Slurps, Grabbers, Bite, Filled, Shape shifters) contributed by the shape. B

By analyzing the shape of existing pasta, the project aims to integrate different functionality with a new shape made in 3D-printing. The shape is composed by two rings to be a loop. It presents a infinity visual perception and chewy food texture. More importantly, the two holes of Anelli facing different directions, that improves the feature of collecting more sauce and the way of decorating the dish.

In order to visualize the idea, 3D CAD model has being used for feasibility evaluation . The 3D model of Anelli was made in 3D software,Rhino. As soon as the shape is defined, the solid model is converted for 3D-printing.

Most people have great interest and positive feedback on Anelli, especially Italian people. That is because the pasta is part of their culture and ritual, they already have many type of pasta which are delicate to different eating scenarios. However, they didn't expect that a new type of pasta made in 3D-printing could bring the new food texture and function towards to new eating experience.

Chung-Yen Chang

Chang, Chung-Yen, a product designer born in Taiwan. He graduated from Domus Academy in Milan in 2013, and began his design career with Stefano Giovannoni in Giovannoni Design. Currently he is based in Milan, working as a freelance designer, and committed to the creation of innovative user experience and objects.

In Chang’s work, the design conducts as merely shape polishing and as a practical solution that reflects para-digm shifts and embraces social cultural meaning beyond the objects. Chang believes an optimal user experience shall be unfolded with user friendly objects and a mutually beneficial system. This concept is his starting point and applied throughout in his design.

Rethinking of aesthetics with problem-solving and design strategy, Chang’s work attempts to distill complex problems into smart and simple solutions that stimulate business activities
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