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ANIMAL LOGOS calligraphy style

ANIMAL LOGOS calligraphy style

Alexey Boychenko
November 20, 2016
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My art project for fun. I'm a little fond of calligraphy and professionally engaged in the development of logos. I decided to paint the animals in an unusual style. In the project I spent about 4 months. He did in his spare time.

The original idea came when I was working on the company's logo on the sale of men's accessories "BULLWEST": I have decided that this is an interesting logo style. Then came the idea to make 10 more logos in this style.

For sketches I used Pilot parallel pen. I painted the left side of the logo. Then I scanned the sketch and used a mirror image in Adobe Photoshop. To draw in vector format I used Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator.

This a noncommercial project. I posted it in the portfolio on behance site: People like unusual style and idea. Many added this project to their collection. I got a big fidbek and many commentaries to the project from all over the world.

Alexey Boychenko

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