Animals Wearing Green

A group of work featuring animals wearing green in some way. From a sprout otter to a green polar bear these animals show something new that you didn’t know or are just adorable wearing green. For instance since polar bears hair are hollow, the Polar bears’ diet and environment can affect their colour. Polar bears whose diet has a lot of seals in it can look light yellow because of the seal oils. Polar bears that live in warmer climates (like in zoos) can have algae growing in their hair, which can make them look green! Don’t worry, being green doesn’t cause the polar bear any harm and a bath with special salt solution turns them white again.
I wonder if a large diet of cabbage can also turn them green?

And Sea otters are the smallest of the marine mammals, and are known for their ability to use stones as anvils or hammers to facilitate access to hard-to-reach prey items like clams. So after hearing this fact and knowing how small and cute they are I though it would be great if they had an added small spout to make them even cuter.

I tend to just see something in my every day life and just get inspired to illustrate it into something cute yet quirky, Like a video of a green polar bear eating some cabbage and the thought of “I want to make that” comes up. After that I just played in adobe illustrator until I came up with something I like.

I used Adobe Illustrator to crate this piece, starting with a photo of the animal. I trace the image with the pen tool then simplify the image by taking details aways so the image can have a more cute and ‘squishy’ look. I then start to add a background made up of simple shapes. I play with the shapes until I come up with something I like (this tends to take awhile). When i’m happy with the illustration I use found textures from online and use the color burn effect on the texture level so my pieces have a more hand made effect to them.

I haven’t had many comments to my pieces yet, but close friends and family do say they like it. So I hope many people I am not aquatinted with will find my work enjoyable to look at, as well as inspiring.

Kayla Egle

I am an illustrator specializing in watercolor and digital work. I use lighter colors in a whimsical and imaginative style. I also work with different textures; viewers often mistake my digital works for handmade pieces.

When working in watercolor, I use a lot of water with the paint to give the piece a wet and washy look and give a free flowing feeling. Sharp lines made with a steady hand give the characters definition. In my digital work, I use Adobe Photoshop to make my own textured digital brushes to fill large spaces, giving an illusion of a more complex space.

My work is reminiscent of children’s book illustrations, and my drawing style, characters, and my choice of colors have a feeling of lightheartedness. I am skilled in many different areas, including posters and editorial work and I especially like drawing things related to nature, childhood, and fantasy.