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Anime doodles

Anime doodles

Taishor Hamilton
November 28, 2019
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I'm very interested into anime so I designed very bright and colorful anime portraits of some of my favorite characters. I tend to give my piece a pink background all the time because I feel it helps make the main subject pop-out more. I'm still brushing up on my skills and want to transition to more realistic and dull colored type of portraits.

I like anime so I really didn't come up with a idea, it's more of mix a graffiti type of background with a simple bright anime illustration. I don't necessarily have a art style yet, I'm still trying to find that, but at the moment I just take a character and alter the colors and add my own style to the background.

I just find different images and begin to build a design of each character then when I finish I find good lighting in the house to take a photo so that I can send it to my computer. Once I'm done with the process I begin to illustrate the design in Photoshop, I start with dark line-art and fill the drawing with the base colors that I want. I add my shades and primary and secondary lighting and add my final touches. I export my art then upload it to my Behance and Social-medias.

I really don't get much engagement yet, but the engagement that I did get was just people saying "good job" and "Amazing". I'm sure once I work more on my design and basic anatomy for my designs I will grow and get better engagement on my post.

Don't get used to my work because I'll be educating myself and becoming a better artist down the future.

Taishor Hamilton

Hi my name is Tai'Shor Hamilton, I'm 20 years young working as a freelance illustrator and character designer. I normally illustrate in the anime category but I'm experienced in other areas of artistry.

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