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AnotherArt by Yana Makarevich

AnotherArt by Yana Makarevich

Jon Paylaga
May 15, 2015
3 Comments is a designer's personal identity. The accent is laid on applying new materials, creative approach to projects, experimenting, mixing various design areas and other fields. Due to such a mixture of something new, having different essence, unique is created.


7b9bfa81361895e18db57a6cc372b188 is my self-promo identity project and of course it reflects the essence of my work: to have the unique approach. The project includes naming, logo and identity.

- Yana Makarevich


I used my right hand as a prototype to made a papier-mâché form and then cut it into 15 pieces. Overlaying this cuts I’ve got an exact hand form and use it as a part of the logo. It looks 3D even in 2D. A set of cards gives a new sound to the logo, here it appears as a sculpture. This idea has been further elaborated in letterheads made of inkjet film and the rest of stationery made in pure minimal style.

- Yana Makarevich





It was decided to base on the spontaneity of paint spots as each paint spot is unique. More and more new images are created by overlaying the elements of the logo. This allows to get the endless variety of them. Overlaying spots of paint in a special way allows to create one more image – a pointing to the audience hand focuses on them. The project logo is continued in business cards and letterheads, giving it additional meaning. Here, the logo appears as a sculpture.

- Yana Makarevich




Bronze at the International Advertising Festival POPOK 2011
Shortlisted in Design from best 2012 identity

The 2nd edition of Flaunt - UnderConsideration LLC
[Brand] Magazine 4th issue - FuturISM
«Brand and single page design» book

About Yana Makarevich

Yana Makarevich is a freelance designer, art-director, and works in branding since 2010. She graduated at Belarusian State University taking Graphic Design. Her interests go far than just a design itself, it includes strategy, positioning, promotion, advertising, and many more. You can find out more about her by visiting his Behance and Dribble.

3 comments on “AnotherArt by Yana Makarevich”

  1. could you detail the process of how you got the paint on the plexiglass/acrylic? I have a project in which I am planning a similar process using the material.

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