Anti-glitch Foundation is an audiovisual post-production boutique that identifies and eliminates glitches – or errors – whether it’s in the image or the process. Their service includes coordinating and administrating all the steps before, during and/or after the production of a film. We were asked to develop a new visual identity to represent the technological, creative and automated process behind the brand services.

As any other branding project at the studio, we typically start with workshops and meetings with the company’s leaders to understand their ideas, objectives and values. During one of our meetings, one of Eisenstein’s books, Film Form, sparkled a very interesting conversation with the team involved in the project. The book presents some of the director’s key film theories such as fragments, montage, exaggeration and conflict, which ended up driving our entire creative process and concept for the brand. After going through many investigative paths, we came up with a visual universe inspired by the 8 bit language; the incomprehension and inconsistency left by glitches; and the half-tones present on low-res technology. An experimental typography was developed where each letter is made out of the combination of the two weights on the font set (A and B), creating a unique and rich visual universe for the brand.

Every project we start at the studio begins with lots of drafts and studies outside the computer. We value this analog process very much. After some discussion rounds we start crafting and polishing the chosen creative paths in Adobe Illustrator. Once we get to the final ideas, we use Adobe Photoshop to make some mockups for the presentation, where we usually use Adobe Indesign or Apple’s Keynote.

Our first presentation for the client went terrible. Absolutely terrible! At the same time that we got a bit mad, every single feedback we got from them pushed us so hard to achieve one of our favorite projects ever designed in the studio. We learned so much about our creative process, our relationship with our clients and we also had lots of fun learning about movie theories and history.