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Alena Fedina
April 12, 2022
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While watching "SUITS", I realised that I liked the interiors and that there were scene details a lot in general from which to piece together the layout.
So, I started taking screenshots as I watched.
In the process, I encountered the fact that many apartment do not show you the bathrooms. So, I put together four floor plans.

I was inspired by the Spanish artist Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde layouts, who has done hand-drawn layouts for many TV series, but I remember the ones for "Sex and the City" and "Friends".

SkethUp, Lay Out, Corel Draw

While working on the project, I remembered an interesting technique I had once read about for artists.
It consists in repeating an artist you like work. By doing so, you can enter and understand the thought artist's train and learn something new.
In this case I analyzed the furniture positioning, the lighting and the details.
​​​​​​​I was catching myself thinking about the ease and playfulness with which the furniture was laid out, where its proportions were and where they were not.
I was very interested in assembling the layouts to understand the people thinking who made such beautiful flats. As a designer I admire the furniture abundance, decor and these apartments layout.
I also found there was a playfulness to the furniture placement that is very inspiring.
Apart from the layout, each flat describes the character, lifestyle and the person taste who lives there.

bachelor; almost no kitchen, small size, color palette, always a little messy.
You can see the cosiness and the character softness in Rachel's apartment, you can see that she has taste, and you can see that the woman lives there alone.

And it's very interesting to see how the characters change and how their new flat looks. There's detail a lot that shows the both character softness, there's more work space, desks, space for guests, nice shades, so you can see that the couple live here and occasionally receive guests.
Very noticeable is how Harvey Specter's apartment is different from theirs, its style is very restrained, more austere, concise, less detail, clearer shapes, contrasting colors which of course characterizes him as a man who is confident, brave, determined and single-minded .
Pay attention to the way his bed stands in the bedroom; it stands apart and is very unusually turned. I would suggest that to put it so boldly "differently" is just a very confident man a character trait.
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Alena Fedina

Hi, I`m an interior designer and artist. Working with residential and commercial interiors. And design projects for furniture magazines.
I work in the following styles:

- Minimalism + (Loft, NEO, Japanese, American)
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