The Apartment for a Young Family

The apartment designed by he.D group for a young family. The 97 Square Meters apartment is situated in the new residential complex in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Our studio chose to work with eclectic since the employer on the project couldn’t specify a particular style for his apartment. Bright colors, locally arising in the interior, add the necessary expressiveness to the project. Turning to different stylistic techniques, our team sought to create a functional and memorable interior that matches the individuality of the employer.

During the project realization, he.D group team worked with highly qualified Ukrainian artisans and talented artists. Kitchen cabinets, hand-moulded encaustic tile, concrete and wood elements, paintings and drawings, furniture and textile are all custom-designed to fit individual and esthetics needs.

People mostly like our project. Especially they like a canvas with goose image, bright colours and combination of the classic and the modernity.
For our team was interesting to work with eclectic esthetic by mixing different epoch, styles and elements.

The project recognition appeared thanks to a large canvas with the goose image. Like a ceremonial portrait of a dandy, it sets the general mood and stylistic decision of the studio. This technique, embodied in the artistic work, displayed in the design and allows to create a harmonious connection between the classic and the modernity in this project. Decorative concrete plaster on walls used as a reference to the loft style. And the gypsum modules represent the plastic decoration of the era of classicism. For the main flooring chosen parquet board in combination with large-format ceramic tiles in the kitchen area.

The peculiarity of the kitchen space walls decoration is hand-moulded encaustic tile. This detail creates the character of the whole interior. The deliberate use of open-top kitchen cabinets enhances the presence of the ornament and adds lightness to the design. While the vintage aesthetics of the lower cabinets support the overall eclecticism of the design. The table on wheels designed for the rational use of kitchen space. This element serves as an extra working plane, a dining table and visually separates the kitchen area from the living room segment. The whole studio space tied up with associations about the bygone era combined with modern practicality and comfort. Each element of the common space is functional and designed to optimize the available area.

The combination of classic motifs and modern forms is also present in the bedroom design. The palace parquet module on the floor, fragments of the wooden ceiling with beams, decorative brickwork in the dressing area complemented by the modern design of the bed, concrete lamps, painting and textured textiles.

Children’s room is a fairy-tale world created for the little girl. Each piece of furniture and wall decorations created for this room. All of them are references to nature, ornithology and own shelter. The calm colours of walls, floor and ceiling contrast to the bright accents that we used in furniture and textiles.

The bathroom designed in clean loft style: brickwork; laconic furniture, combined in metal-wood-tinted glass; concrete sink; floor tile imitating stone; hand-made aged Spanish tile. All elements work impressively and maintain the overall distinctive atmosphere of eclectic design.

he.D group

Kyiv based design studio lead by architect Yevhenii Hluhovskyi and designer Daria Loban. Architecture, interior design.