This project is located in Stip, Republic of Macedonia, in the center of the town, it’s meant for young couple. The primary plan included two rooms and big balcony, and therefore I created more space so they can live more comfortable, I expanded the boundaries. This attic is with open plan, it was my clients request, it is a solution that show’s beautiful, modern, comfortable, and pleasant interior.

I wanted to design something different in our area, so the final solution that I got was from combining different elements in one whole.
The concrete and the brick I used them as primary textures, and the wood and the white color, I added them up so it can break the monotony and to create a feel of harmony and unity.

The program’s that I used: Sketch Up, V-ray, and final corrections in Adobe Photoshop. The process began with sketch, images, movement in the space, the dividing of the rooms, choice for furniture and for the end the textures that are picked from the client.

Because I also mentioned that this is а different design in our area and most of my projects are in the same style, people love my way of decorating and they motivate me to create beautiful solutions.
I learned that every interior is a story for itself, every interior needs to have a feeling like home.

Frosina Madzovska

I create design solutions with a beautiful and pleasant interior, interiors that reflect the idea of ​​comfort and comfortable ambience.
Interiors that really feel like home.