Aphrodite Wedding Dress Brand Identity

Aphrodite is a wedding dress brand that offers a wide range of wedding dresses. Focusing on romantic, fresh, pure style, their dresses make every bride look beautiful while maintaining the personality of each one. They specialize in unique, free-spirited and timelessly sophisticated luxe wedding dresses handmade from only the finest French & European lace and silks.

The brand identity uses deep green as the main color. We want to make the identity as pure as nature. When the clients look at the identity, they can feel a different sense, like it’s a different world, but also familiar.

I came up with the idea by deeply research on the brand’s spirit. Understanding the unique point of it, which is the nature-ish feel, I picked green as the main color. I want to see this brand as I want to see my bride, elegant, naturally beautiful, and pure. In order to achieve those feels, I use selective graphic elements. As for the logo, I use image of a tree branch, which is very simple and familiar. This branch logo was not refined, as it does not have to be. That way it can show the rough texture, the pureness of life. As for the business card, I make it look like a leaf so when the audience touch it, they can feel a sense of freshness, like something good is about to begin.

I use Illustration to create the logo. I draw a simple tree branch first, and then add the roughness later. Needed to try very hard to make it look natural as I don’t want it to be so refined. After that it’s the mockup, I couldn’t seem to find the perfect mockup for me, so I created my own by Photoshop. The embossing effect on the cards was also done with Photoshop blending option.

The project is featured on Behance Graphic Served. A friend told me that this brand definitely reminds her of how happy a marriage can be. Getting married now becomes an event that requires a lot of money and preparation to do it right, with luxury places and gifts, etc… But not in this case for Aphrodite brand, it places happiness above all other factors.

Eldur Ta

I’m Eldur, a graphic design student of RMIT University. I’m interested in branding, website, packaging and editorial design. I fall in love with clean and minimal style.