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Apple Music Redesign by Tom Koszyk

Apple Music Redesign by Tom Koszyk

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September 27, 2015

Since Apple's Music has been launched, a lot of people had a lot to say about it. Some people liked it but, some people also think it was too 'young'. One of them is Tom Koszyk - Senior Web Designer at and art director/founder at Pixology. Let's see his take on the Apple Music.

A lot was said about Apple Music recently. I, myself posted an article on about my take on Apple Music design. Most of us think that Apple new streaming service is immature, that it was designed in a hurry and should be improved. I’m sure we’ll see gradual improvements. I’m a long time Spotify user and a huge Apple fan, so I tried Apple Music as soon as it came public. I did;t like the experience so I decided to redesign it. I’m a good designer so I came with de design:) You can read more about the process on Medium. Just exploration, tests and my observations. Inspiration is rather clear here.
-Tom Koszyk

Tom Koszyk

My design is all about clean and usable navigation and personalisation, They wrote some interesting things about it on CreativeBloq. My style? Clean and simple design embracing content, with huge focus on typography. My inspirations? a lot of them, classic typographers, mies van der rohe and other great architects. Recently Tobias van Schneider. Last thing, Keep on working hard, and results will come. Keep things simple.
-Tom Koszyk

Know more about Tom Koszyk's Apple Music Redesign on Medium.

About Tom Koszyk

Tom Koszyk is a Senior Web Designer at Freelance product designer, art director and founder at Pixology with more than 8 years of experience. Music addicted typo lover and video gamer. You can find more of Tom on LinkedIn, Behance or Medium.

4 comments on “Apple Music Redesign by Tom Koszyk”

  1. I really like this new design! The way everything is laid out seems more organized to me and it's a much better design in my opinion.

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