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April 2, 2020
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I call this project apprenticeship because I always believe that I can do better. It is my first project it is very important and beautiful for me. Ideas and drawings are all mine. I would like to say that I did it with great pleasure.

Creativity is a game for me. I use Autodesk Sketckbook and Adobe Illustrator programs. I used wacom drawing tablet in my projects. It happened when I draw and color on paper. These include architectural drawing pens, dry paints and markers.

First I sketch the idea and then I finalize it by making coloring and final touches.While doing these, a nice music from behind increases the quality of the work. I use Autodesk Sketckbook and Adobe Illustrator programs.I am currently receiving software training.

I learned not to give up my dreams. People react very well and make very good comments about my work. This increases my motivation, of course. He taught that you should never lose the child inside. My advice to you is never give up on your dreams.

The pen is the best fighting tool


Hi I am Melik, from Turkey. I've been drawing for ten years. I'm an amateur cartoonist in the Uykusuz magazine. I've been dealing with illustration for three years

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