Ara | Exhibition Design

Ara is an exhibition unit designed for industrial design exhibitions with in the scope of Anadolu University undergraduate program. The design process is based on the ideal design elements of Vitruvius “sturdy, useful and beautiful”. Self standing Ara, displays scaled models of itself on it’s presentation boards. Besides of this function the product creates a “beautiful” paradox thanks to unique geometric form of itself.

With the inspiration of tensegrity structure the product aims at to be self standing. The product consists of two display areas and displays its own models with 1/10 and 1/5 scaled models of itself. In these two presentation board include posters explain all the design process. Using only solid wood ensures to discover characteristic features of the metarial. It formed thanks to wooden stopers which are built into merger points.

When designing a group project Ara, different visualization techniques of the partners were combined. 3ds max- Vray and keyshot renders of product that modelled on Solidworks, are edited on Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Besides the posters that will be added to the product are organized in this way.

The project received positive criticism. In addition, a prototype of product is made in university’s modelling atelier by partners. Design process of the product is consituted in this way. All the partners contributed each other in production process, which includes lots of experience.

gülsüm demirok

I completed my undergraduate education in Industrial Design Department of Anadolu University in 2018. Then, in 2019, I started my second undergraduate education in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Uludağ University and I am still continuing. I am working on freelance works for various companies.