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Arched Design Master Bedroom

Arched Design Master Bedroom

Ahmad AbouZaid
December 19, 2019

Its a back forward to arches designs but using it in a modern fancy simple way. Mixing the past with the modern isn't that easy, using an old element in modern style, colors, textures it needs a lot of trials to achieve what you really want to see, with comfy feeling.

My culture was full of arches in the past age, so I tried to use the arch element again in a modern way, then I started simplify the arch details to reach the high modern look to fit in a modern Master Bedroom.

I started modeling the room on Autodesk 3D Max, then the phase of furniture selection bed, tv unit, comode, wardrobe, 2 chairs, a coffe table, and a dresser, trying make all of the items work together in good way, going throw the color scheme selection, Starting Render using Vray, And some final Touches on Photoshop.

Mostly was positive responds about the arches in the design and color scheme the curved corners furniture, and was perfectly commented on the ceiling design which was loved by most people, some didn't like the dark colors and the furniture style.

Ahmad AbouZaid

Ahmad AbouZaid, Have bachelor degree in Architecture from Arab Academy for science, technology & Maritime Transport. Since I have passion about interior design and the details of the furniture, so started as an interior designer and keep upgrading myself by studies and work. I guess I have good sense of style and using spaces in a functional stylish way.

3 comments on “Arched Design Master Bedroom”

  1. The arched design in the master bedroom is truly captivating. It adds a timeless elegance, creating a sophisticated and cozy atmosphere. The clever use of space and thoughtful decor choices showcase a harmonious blend of style and comfort.

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