Architectural Environments – The Hall

Architectural environments will be a series of architectural concepts created on the basis of sculptural aesthetics and shaping. The environments will not present a clear purpose, leaving room for interpretation.
The first environment – The Hall, is created to give a cinematic impression, analogic to sci-fi cinematography such as Alien, Prometheus and similar works – but within its own aesthetics and direction.

Extension of sculpture and design practice and aesthetics into architecture. Used materials in the set would mostly be cast concrete with bronze components to enhance the aesthetics, the floor would be black epoxy resin, crystal glass for the chandeliers. Color scheme is set according to explained theme.

Digital, rendering, utilizing polygonal modelling and rendering with Corona renderer with extensive postprocess in Photoshop. I use Corona exclusively these days as its efficiency and quality in visualization is hardly matched. Work on the environment itself took around 2 days, with several days of on and off rendering and one day of postprocess.

Well received. The work on the architectural environments will progress to more projects as the work process itself is fairly quick, the only unfortunate side of architectural visualization compared to product rendering is the increased time necessary to render and finish all the angles due to more difficult setting and lighting of the scene.

Ivan Venkov

I. Venkov’s understanding and development of form relies on his lifetime experience as a professional sculptor that has started in the studio of his father, Emil Venkov.
Sculptural shaping in his work transcends regular boundaries of design and introduces a new, rich style of forms and structures.