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Giselle Jonte
April 28, 2017
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ARK is a minimal accessory for the living room. An incense burner inspired by the Japanese tradition and the slow-living of Scandinavia. Elevated as an elegant sculpture, with solid brass and terrazzo (as main materials proposal) ARK becomes a centrepiece for the home. The double-function base, works as an ashes collector and also harbours the rest of the incenses inside.

Simple, minimal and functional are the main characteristics of this product. The materials chosen were mainly terrazzo a composite material that brings an artistic piece reminiscent of classic italian mosaics. Quite trendy noawadays, it is characterized by its stunning pattern, alluring the eye immediately with a unique interplay between colors and shapes.

It began as every design process, from the sketching to the final visual result. The tools used for this project were Sketch notebook, Rhinoceros, Keyshot and Photoshop. I took inspiration from fashion, art, sculpture, nature and of course, other minimal, trendy products I love.

I learn a lot from every project on my own. I take the time to do research, analyse the market, and try to find solutions to the user necesities. There’s a constant learning in everything we do, we just have to be conscious about it.

Giselle Jonte

Giselle is a young Industrial Designer who loves pure, poetic compositions, and details that make products unique. After finishing her Bachellor in Industrial Design and product development in Ferrol, A Coruña(Spain) she has been intern in two studios in London : Deadgood ltd. and Layer (by Benjamin Hubert). She is now looking for internship or job opportunities as a great process to keep learning.

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