Armchair “Cooper Pin”

A funny and ironic design, this “Cooper Pin” chair is not only a functional and trendy design object, but it also causes good emotions and a slight smile. Our studio has also created a textile design. The chair legs are made of copper, stainless steel, also the armrests and three tubes at the back of the chair. Various variations and combinations of colors. The composition of abstract shapes and floral motifs with different sorts of cactuses and unusual colors, such as the flycatcher. This is a very special design, as well as being fashionable and attractive eyes.

We all know that copper – one of the most stylish and trendy stuff for the last time, I was very fond of this material and wanted to make furniture with brass feet. In addition, inspired by the architecture of Europe, I had the idea to create such a chair.

For a start I draw the sketches in notebooks, then this chair was created in 3D graphics, I have made different color combinations. But really wanted to add natural motifs, I picked up a brush and painted the flowers that grow in my room, took a photo and immediately processed in Photoshop to create a print.

Like so many, and there are a large number of requests and orders. We are looking for manufacturers hope that the finished model will find its place in the french coffee shop or home dining area. It seems to me that the chair is very fit into all sorts of restaurants and outdoor cafes.

Julia Kononenko

CEO director “Kononenko ID”.
Konоnenko ID – “The art of transforming idea into a form!”
Graduate of Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts.
Specialty – Industrial Design.
Member of the “Union of Designers of Ukraine”