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Juanny Barcelò Borges
August 31, 2018
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Arnò is a coffee-table characterized by uneven, unpredictable, free lines. In order to bring an aesthetic break in the environment and communicate a loose graphic energy. Designed to be placed in eclectic, creatively rich and artistically sumptuous interiors and areas.

The product is inspired by the state of vitality performed by jazz music and i have chosen marble because it is a natural material with a texture that will always be different from product to product, it is an immediate, compact and rigorous material. While the brass is an elegant metal, resistant even reaching small thicknesses, in order to give a contrasting perception with the heaviness of the marble. To the brass has also been applied an aged finish in order to give the perception of a previous life, something that marble has as a material.

In general all the projects starts with a deep understanding of the company, the brand, through a series of strategic questions that are useful also to the company itself because helps them to gain more awareness of the product, customers, culture, market and why their service is important. Useful for the designer as well, to write a clear brief. The next steps then are research, moodboards, sketches and 3d models plus mockups and prototypes. If my efforts end up not being on target, then the client and i, simply communicate about the good points and the bad points, in order to recalibrate the interpretation of the brief and deliver the best product and collaboration. The value is to take the time to develop the words behind the design.

It is a very brand new product so i hope people will respond positively. But i have learnt a lot by this project which is part of an auto produced collection that is still work in progress and where Arnò coffee-table represented the starting point.

Juanny Barcelò Borges

Is a multidisciplinary designer located in Ravenna Italy who provides industrial design services to open minded companies, in a dynamic environment with a graphic sculptural aesthetics. Helping you to build a meaningful future and value your unique vision. From words to product.

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