Logo Design, Branding and Art Direction for Mind Ability Records

Mind Ability Records is an independent record label from London, that operates within the techno and minimal house genre since 2008. The original logo was re-designed once and retouched even further, yet the client felt that it still did not represent their business adequately. They commissioned me to design a new logo and a consistent brand feel across various deliverables such as album and EP cover art, T-shirt designs, posters and other print collateral.

Walking into the studio of Mind Ability Records was enough to get a basic idea of their aesthetics. Various masks in prominent positions (including a couple of badass Stormtrooper helmets and coffee mugs), a PlayStation hooked up to a big screen with Destiny running on it, surrounded by a lot of production equipment full of blinking lights and knobs. Once we’ve discussed the idea of a Lettermark forming a face or a mask, it became apparent that we are on the right path.

In the ideation process I made use of an isometric grid to create original concepts that would still appear balanced. After exploring various shapes and concepts I presented three ideas to the client. Once they chose one of the ideas, I went back to the drawing board for further exploration and finally I found a mark that I stood out. Using tracing paper I fine-tuned the mark and prepared it for digital manipulation.

In Illustrator, I recreated the isometric grid and applied the same techniques I did on paper to create a solid and well balanced mark. For the production of all other assets and mockups I used Adobe Photoshop.

We chose the specific colour theme as it reflects on the owners of the business and also compliment each other nicely, giving the logo a bold and modern look and feel.

I have been receiving very positive feedback from both the clients and the public. The project has been featured on Behance.net, in the curated galleries for Graphic Design and Adobe Illustrator, and the response has been amazing! We are now working towards a new website and a merchandise store.

Dimitri Skvirski

With over 7 years of industry experience, I have created work which increased the visibility, professionalism, and revenue of a diverse base of clients; ranging from music professionals and record companies to video game publishers and public institutions. My academic background is rooted in music and sonic media, but my passion for visual communication shifted my full attention to graphic design ten years ago. I’m currently developing my design and illustration skills to higher levels, particularly in concept art.