Artel Wine Bosporan Kingdom

Bosporan Kingdom Artel is a small wine production project, initiated and carried out by the artist Gennady Generalenko – “Bosporan King”. The idea is the following: friends and fans of his talent finance the purchase of the fermentation tank and the oak aging barrel. Gennady produces the wine from the grapes Cabernet Sauvignon, grown not far from Supseh, and look after it at his winery. The wine is intended for tastings and able only for supporters; the edition is strictly limited with the size of the barrel – 100l.

Since Gennady is an artist, we decided to accompany each of 120 bottles with a little masterpiece by the Author. In order to do this, the label is designed with a classic picture frame, in which the artist inscribes the number of the concrete bottle. As the material for the label, 90g flax was chosen, because it’s at most similar to the canvas in texture.
The final feature is the Bosporan King stamp.

We decided to design the label in a picture frame and our customer (a winemaker) signed it – like an artist. But as the project is limited and exclusive, we decided to let the author put a number for each bottle. A small masterpiece in a beautiful frame and at the same time it’s exclusive for each recipient — that’s the main idea.

In the design, we used paper with linen texture. Numbers painted with acrylic, which the author mixed to match the wine color. Previously we printed labels with frames, captions and information about the project, and then put on each winemaker trademark stamp and only after that he wrote on each bottle number, so each bottle is unique.

People like our project 🙂 We got an exclusive bottle as well and it’s very nice to feel their uniqueness, just like to get a picture from the author. We have also received positive feedback about the delivery of the project.

And for readers, we have some advice – take part in such projects, it’s interesting to wait and then get it. Because it is an opportunity to tell a great story to your friends at the table, and, well, drink some wine and you will get a small, but still a masterpiece.

Timur Saberov