Artix Headphone

3D modeling is increasingly applied to product development, driven by the popularization of 3D printers and the advancement of specific and even free softwares on the market. The American brand Artix, which also bets on the 3D visualization of its products, requested the modeling and rendering of his sales champion headphone model.

The Artix foldable on-ear stereo headphones give you a completely immersive sound experience with very crisp audio and booming bass. Ideal for the everyday commuter the headphones lightweight and foldable design aid in portability making them easy to store when not in use. Pillow soft ear cushions for comfortable use over extended periods of time.

The product proposes a smart solution for transport, with a format that can easily be folded, with a mechanism that does not damage its fluid and clean design. In order to consolidate itself as an attractive option for various market slices the color diversity was important, as well as a solid construction and materials that provided a high durability. With a wide range of colors 3D visualization proved to be the best solution even for the production of the images that make up the online and offline material of the product. The textures were created to give a close view of the actual product.

The product was modeled in 3D using Foundry MODO 10.2.

After the 3D modeling and still in the MODO, we created the UV map then we exported the planned mesh in EPS format. This map was later imported into Adobe Photoshop where the textures were created.

After creating the textures in Photoshop the workflow takes us back to MODO where the textures have been added to their respective shaders. Finally the properties, such as the index of refraction and transparency of each material (metal, plastic, leather) are adjusted.

The scenes were illuminated only with HDRI Light and all images were rendered at 6.000×6.000px using RebusFarm’s processing infrastructure. Each image took an average of 2 minutes to render, with Alpha and SurfaceID outputs enabled.

The product was rendered in different perspectives, in all available colors, allowing even a discussion about the offer of new variants, this shows us that there was a good acceptance by the public, including being projected on Behance, where was featured in gallery dedicated to Product Design.

Rafael Maia

Hi, I’m a brazilian designer and 3D/CGI artist. After studying Computer Science and Marketing and Advertising and working for over 15 years in this area I specialized in Branding and Packaging, and today this shares space with my new passion, 3D/CGI.

Nowadays living in Portugal I work with many companies around the world.

The constant search for high-quality results and a good dose of self-criticism allow me to see in each new project an opportunity to reach a new level.