Arturo tablet holder for AnimaContemporanea

Arturo is a universal tablet holder with a simple and ingenious form that offers three comfortable fixed angle settings for use of a media device. When using a tablet, there is no right position: it all depends on what angle you look at it. With its minimalistic design, Arturo is portable and fits well in all living areas, making it a great companion for a tablet.

The initial idea came while I was having some time off back in 2014. I simply thought about geometry and how it would be interesting to intersect a circular torus base element with the volume of a tablet, create some cuts to features different angles to hold it in position. The concept was not defined in its material from start (I was open to use also stone) but during the development it made more and more sense to work with solid wood so that the round shape could enhance the grain of the material and make it very light. The final phase was to define the dimensions of the object so that it could be flexibly used with tablets of different sizes or brands.

My products always begin to take shape on paper with a simple sketch of the basic idea in my notebook. I try to let the concept ‘rest’ for few days so that when I pick it up again, I’m more objective in my judgement. If I still like the principle and believe in the potential, then I work on the functional and aesthetic aspects of the solution. When the idea is evolved, I start building a 3D model and render it in a simple way until I’m happy to present the idea. After it’s usually time to verify if the design works in scale 1:1 and build a prototype, often in collaboration with the manufacturer.

When I presented the concept to AnimaContemporanea, they were very interested to have Arturo in their collection. After that, it was quite easy to develop further its design – since there have really been few changes from the original design – and make it ready for production

Arturo will be soon available at

My name is Emanuele Patton and I’m an Italian designer based in Copenhagen. Visit my website to know more:

Emanuele Patton

My name is Emanuele Patton and I’m an Italian designer based in Copenhagen. I’ve studied in Milan (IT) and Copenhagen (DK) and worked across Europe as a designer and project manager. I work in different fields consulting on innovation, branding and industrial design.