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Asian Portraits

Asian Portraits

Dahiana Sarria
February 2, 2018
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This project was a little exercise of portraits I decided to make with the purpose of improving my digital techniques, and so I can give more priority to parts that have more importance on me through my art. I always have this interested in focus about what people could transmit through their eyes, like emotions or moments specific in their lives, and when you are doing this kind of exercise, you realize how complex and wonderful the face anatomy can be and the satisfaction to reach the goals you are waiting for.

I have passion in representate people and give them value to make them feel alive throught canvas. My mision was being able to representate the moment of these pictures correctly with less elements of the necesarry in canvas. As long as I am painting, the feeling through the eyes and the hair are my passion, those are always my point of interested in every art I make, and that's why these part have so many details, even the only ones that have color on them.

I used Adobe Photoshop CC and a Wacom Intuos Small. I always begin with a quick sketch on lines, and then just use fill tool to define shape. After this first process, I start doing value with brushes, I usually use basic brushes with a specific percent of flow and opacity to let me have control on it. Finally I just add some few fusion layers of color in canvas.

I learn how to optimized the way I work digitally and improving in my techniques in portraits. As I told before, my passion about people and their emotions take me to reach these goals in representate correctly those feelings. Many people liked so much the way I made these portratits, and how many details you can watch on their hair and eyes, and how I emphasize in these things.

Dahiana Sarria

I am an Illustrator from Colombia who enjoy drawing characters and stories around them.

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