A-Stool by Magda Gasiorowska

A-Stool is designed to serve in a workshop. It’s main focus is to teach industrial design students on first year to use various machines. The A-Stool looks pretty simple and minimalistic, but in the process of making can surprise maker with the amount of difficult parameters like angles or lenghts.

A-Stool is stackable and its construction is really strong, this can let you to build bigger items using them like table legs. The material students supposed to use is Medium Density Fibreboard.

– Magda Gasiorowska


MK12 copy


About Magda Gasiorowska

Magda Gasiorowska is an industrial designer studying at the School of Form in Poznań, Poland. She sees the design process as the most interesting part of creating. She loves the multi-disciplinary approach which can give amazing outcome. Also, she is interested in design research and the methods that allow to solve design problems. You can find more of her artworks on her Behance profile or website.