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Astral femenino

Astral femenino

Sara Pachón
August 30, 2018

I worked in the design of different elements for patterns and stickers for a brand. This was a very exiting for me, I used my imagination to create scenarios with different women being free and other elements that I always believed are part of our cosmology as beings of the universe.

I usually work with elements associate with cosmology like stars, the moon, the sun, femenine body, faces and feminist images that made easier for me to create the images. The brand ask me to do the elements with a pastel palette.

I always make my sketches in paper and pencil and then I take a photo and re-draw the sketch in Photoshop. I like to use brushes with textures and be very detailed with the drawing, then I put some color, this time I didn't use shadows or lightings because I wanted to be very simple and almost naive.

I learnd about how to be simple and powerful at the same time. I made a lot of compositions and worked with a lot of references like tarot and astral elements of witchcraft that I thought it could be useful, I learned a lot!

Sara Pachón

I am a visual artist from Cali Colombia currently living in Bogotá, my work is based in nature, feminine details and feminism. I make hand poke tattoo, paint and illustration.

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