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Astrological Zodiac

Astrological Zodiac

Isabel Davidson
November 6, 2017

An exploration of the astrological zodiac signs (Capricorn through Sagittarius) using the signs' symbols, colors, and flowers. The project spanned 2 years and worked through several phases of my artistic journey. Over the course of this project, I grew from an artist who was nervous to show their work even online into someone jumping into freelance full-time.

I have always been interested in astrology and the signs within it. They're such an intriguing concept and vary so wildly from each other that linking them through style, content, and mood really interested me. I know many artists do series of a similar concept, but part of the intent was that I wanted to see how these signs looked from my mind.

Sometimes I would sketch out the initial thumbnail, but other than that each piece was digitally. I would sketch out and ink the work in Clip Studio Paint. From there, if the piece needed color editing, that would happen in Photoshop.

People were asking me to finish this series for a long time, so I'm excited to finally have it finished. So many people loved the different kinds of signs (even the ones that weren't theirs) and this project really helped me gain the courage to get more into my artistic practice.

Isabel Davidson

A digital illustrator from Austin, TX. My work explores theology, romance, horror, and the occult. I am also beginning to stretch my tendrils back out into comics.

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