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Astrolove App design

Astrolove App design

Beatriz Arribas
June 6, 2016
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Astrolove is a social network created by Mel23 based in compatibility between zodiacal signs. A lot of people believe in this kind of feeling and way to connect with others. Astrolove allows users to create an account and to know people who are compatible with. The identity and design of the app has been made by Beatriz Arribas.

he app has a strong concept: zodiacal compatibility. Using this idea to build a social network and the idea itself was the starting point of the app design.
Before starting, I was sure I wanted to create a unique universe that involve users and make them live it intensely. And what's more, my main idea is to use a graphic language easy to understand by everyone. That's why Astrolove contains a very recognizable visual code (buttons, menus, icons...).

The design was born in a paper, drawing logos with a pen, like most of my works. After that, Illustrator and Photoshop allowed me to improve the first sketches.
The hardest work was to create the key visual. What will the app style be? What will the colors be? When the answers came to my mind, it was time to play with all the elements in order to create something graphically coherent.

Present and future are obviously digital. That's why people love to connect on a virtual space. Actually, Astrolove is on a beta phase, but people's response has been impressively positive.
Every project teaches me something new. With Astrolove I've learnt to observe, to think and to design.

Beatriz Arribas

Beatriz Arribas is a 27-year-old illustrator and designer from Madrid, Spain. She has a degree in Fine Arts and a Master degree in graphic design of communication. After that, she started working as web designer and front-end developer for differents advertising agencies. She also works as an illustrator, that it is not simply a job but her passion. She would like to create a dialogue between design and illustration, two disciplines that are many times connected.

One comment on “Astrolove App design”

  1. This app is pretty amusing! I love how this works, i also like the colors and design. Well done!

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