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Kwanjun Ryu
April 1, 2017
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ATELIER TV is new generation of personal TV design that specialized in audio function. You can listen music with bigger size of speakers compared with general TV, and you can enlarge screen by clicking it to use display. Atelier will make your room more cozy, and also your life style.

Black, Wide, Slim. These are the main elements of TV design. But Big, wide black screen makes our space unnatural. Trend of electronics is 'Furniture' and most product design aims 'Melt in-' Form. Matching trends, TV needs to be changed like furniture. And also new TV needs to change sales target to young buyers, not older generation, to find new market. For aiming young buyers, new TV has to be designed which focused on audio function and for personal use.

Modeling – Rhino 5
Rendering – Keyshot 6
Photo – Photoshop cc
3d Modeling with Rhino- insert modeling to keyshot – match materials from keyshot – search image to edit photo – render image with modeling file.
Remember what to show with image when editing photo.

Simple metaphor thinking always creates new idea. Many people wants simple & clean solution, not elucidative solution that has to read long scripts. Thinking what to show to people, and what my main concept is important issue to make my design simple and clean.

Kwanjun Ryu

Konkuk University - Industrial Design
Samsung Design Membership _ Industrial Design

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