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Athena Arquitetura

Athena Arquitetura

Bruno Christ
November 13, 2017
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The customer sought our work to develop his new brand based on the golden ratio. That has relation with architecture. The solution was to use the initial A in golden ratio. The process to find this solution was very time consuming, but the result was simple and made me very satisfied.

I always use in my work of creating brands the golden ratio, the customer looked for me by this characteristic, the segment is architecture that has a strong connection with the golden ratio. I looked through the proportion to generate the initial "A", after much attempt I got to the result that I present for you.

I started my work from sketches on paper with grids to look for paths in golden proportion, after several attempts, I filtered some and vectorized (illustrator) to have the results with greater precision. In some meetings with the client we arrived at the result that most pleased us.

The feedback I got was good, but few people helped me with constructive comments to improve the project. I have learned that the more time spent on a project, the greater the chanse of you simplifying and improving the result (I spent 2 months to complete this project). I see many designers who choose the first option right away, failing to explore the creative process.

I really would like to receive constructive criticism to improve my work, to thank for the visit and to remember that I have another project in my portfolio.

Bruno Christ

I work with brand creation, I am self taught and I always seek to improve my market knowledge through courses and books.
I always seek to create simple brands with their real purpose.

One comment on “Athena Arquitetura”

  1. Hi Bruno,

    Wonderful work!
    The concept is perfect, and the most interesting thing is how you used the golden ratio, totally amazing!!

    Thanks for sharing, keep it up bro, wish you the best!
    My regards^^

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