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Athletic Center by Alexandra Sizintceva

Athletic Center by Alexandra Sizintceva

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December 18, 2015
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Russia based architect Alexandra Sizintceva's Athletic Center is a conceptual sports center for her hometown. The athletic center have features that will help athletes from beginner to pro to enhance their skills and use the center to take care of their health. Let's see her masterpiece!



The project of the Athletic center – the conceptual project for the city in which I live. Idea of the project - the functional organization "from below-up", since the level of "beginner" to "professional", walking upstairs above and higher in the development in building volume. The front decision bright, dynamic, with a large number of a glazing, the purpose is involvement of residents to sports.
-Alexandra Sizintceva



On the first floor foyers are located, the reception, wardrobe, administrative offices, the second floor is presented by medical and improving offices, the third floor - universal halls for children and handicapped group of the population and beginners, the fourth floor - the standard halls, the fifth floor - the professional halls.
-Alexandra Sizintceva



My design always relies on idea. Then the idea acquires a form, and my projects turn out based on that idea. Preparing for the new project I am inspired by materials, details, the nature, a play of light and shadow read by the book, beautiful photos, art.
-Alexandra Sizintceva

Alexandra Sizintceva

Alexandra Sizintceva

My favourites in the professional sphere it is Karim Rasheed and Zaha Hadid. Their works bright, memorable, filled with idea and sense. I want that also my style was recognized over time, we read. I advise all beginning artists to love the profession and every day to develop in the sphere to believe in itself and the business! And the success won't keep itself waiting.
-Alexandra Sizintceva

About Alexandra Sizintceva

Aleksandra Sizinceva is an artist currently based in Russia in the city of Voronezh. She's engaged in both architecture, and interior design, both visualization and design of clothes. She unites all the creativity in SUNINROOM studios where she's the head and the founder. You can reach her through her email and see more of her works on Behance or her website.

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