This project was done for the course we had called Technically complex product.This was classroom project. The Attakallu is a kitchen appliance which has a modern look with a traditional method of grinding food.
We had not only worked on its form but also the structural part of the product and how it’s going to function as a whole.

This grinding method is being used in my home for a very long time and it’s a tedious task for a women in the house. This is where I decided to work on its functional part of it and make it user-friendly. I was very fascinated by the Traditional form and material of the Attakallu. Taking this as an inspiration I kept my product similar and as minimal as possible. As the stone is a very strong material I decided to work with Polyesters which is commonly used in kitchen appliances. I chose neutral colours like black and white which would go with any kitchen interior.

Starting from sketching on the paper as an initial stage later started making the 3D structure of it in Fusion 360.
Once the product is ready I used Keyshot for rendering where aspects like colour, material and lighting came into the frame. Photoshop was used to digitise the sketches and also for the final touch up of the renders. Illustrator was finally used for combining the whole process.

People were fascinated by the colour and form of the product and the way the task of grinding food is been minimalized and became effortless. They also liked the language I followed in terms of form and made it look so soothing. This was the first project I work from scratch which included every possible aspect of a product from its technical part to the final appearance of it which helped me to create my own design process and to set a pattern of how to approach to any product in future.

The approach was to reviving the taste of food and nutrients otherwise lost due to the use of the blade.

Rahul Padsalgi

Hey, I am a Product Design student at MIT Institute of Design from India.