Attic Bathroom

Attic bathroom of 2×5 square meters. It has all comforts of a big bathroom in a short space. A lot of light enter from the two windows on the roof that is reflected everywhere thanks to the big mirror and the light colors.

I used simple materials with light colors (wood, marble and ceramic). The light colors and the big mirror that reflects the light that enter from the big window on the roof give us the sense that the bathroom is bigger than how it is in reality. Furthermore, there is a big shower in which you can relax after a day of stress.

3D modeling: Blender
Rendering: Cycles
Post-production: Natron
First of all I made a little sketch. Then I have modeled every object and added textures and materials (both made by me). I have added a cold plan light, an environmental light and at the end I have rendered in cycles.

I hope you like my work, it can be a source of inspiration for the people who had to restructure or to build a bathroom. I’m trying to improve my skill to made more photorealistic render.

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Andrea Di Domenico