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Audi Layer by Jarim Koo

Audi Layer by Jarim Koo

Honey Adraque
April 10, 2016

As a 4-in-i input device for a desktop PC, Layer is a functionality-based product that expands users’ pleasure and convenience of using a desktop PC into the domain of their office lives. This 4-in-1 product makes it possible to use the desktop space efficiently, and as it is customized for users’ intentions, Layer provides users with flexible user experiences. Read on and enjoy!

Today, housings in big cities are accumulated floor by floor based on building technology to maximize floor area ratio. In addition, each floor of these buildings is constructed in balanced and aesthetic fashion based on functionality. Audi Layer was born out of the insight obtained from these modern structures which solve complex spaces in an effective accumulative way and play the role of beautiful object in the landscape. To sum up, The Design of Layer is borrowed from urban, balanced, neat and moderate images of modern architecture.

Audi designs are about people’s daily lifestyles as well as automobiles. Personally, I found it really significant to project the spirit of Audi into other various products used in people’s daily lives and expand the brand image of Audi, so I started working on this design.

- Jarim Koo




On the premise that an Audi owners’ top priority lifestyle is driving their Audi cars, I devised various scenarios for their second lifestyle. Out of all the scenarios, I researched on what is empathically taken for a routine and chose a desktop PC in people’s office lives as a second lifestyle target. On inquiry, I found out that so many input devices are tangled up together to support a desktop PC that the desk space gradually becomes inefficient, further causing other problems. Therefore, I attempted to draw solutions to such problems, based on the design philosophy of Audi.

- Jarim Koo




Research & Analysis > Sketch > Rhino modeling prototype > Keyshot draft > 3D print prototype(only mouse) > Rhino modeling(based CMF) > Autodesk 3D Max v-ray(final rendering) > Adobe photoshop(post-correction) > mock up_final

- Jarim Koo




Audi has a differentiated design philosophy which favors less and pursues delicate details. I tried to keep this philosophy in my design as well. Unlike existing products, I tried to minimize unnecessary aspects and, at the same time, to maximize convenience and usability.

Audi Layer was designed with a focus on (displaying) balanced aesthetics in addition to practical functionality. In order to achieve '4-in-1' sense of unity among four entry devices, a harmonious layout was crucial to their combination and mouse was the key component. Especially, taking side character line of Audi cars, I drew countless curves to make a design with usability and, through 3D modeling, I manufactured prototypes with the 3D printer and considered ergonomic aspects by experiencing the feeling of grip. Through this process, harmony among 4 entry devices was attained and a form was completed which can satisfy usability as well as aesthetics.

- Jarim Koo




About Jarim Koo

Jarim Koo is an Industrial Designer from Korea. He always think about the fundamental purposes of existing products and observe people in using those products and try to conceive better scenarios in order to provide a better user experience and values. In addition, he always try to arouse sympathy in consumers who interact with products and to move them with intuitive expressions. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile.

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