Audiology Sound System

The project was centered on improving an existing sound system retaining the product’s features. There were two main lines of development. On one side there was lot of work on detecting and defining the user group, and to use that information to develop the semiotics of the product. That analysis lead to a semi-professional and sophisticated aesthetic looking to attract people who think of themselves as knowledgeable about music.
On the other hand there was a big focus on the topological distribution of functions. Thinking carefully about hierarchization and element grouping according to function / use, affinity, visibility and ease of lecture.

The product draws inspiration from professional sound consoles. From there it takes its almost horizontal disposition, the grouping of elements in levels and all the details made in wood.
The volume knob was the most prominent element so every other interface element was disposed around it.
The interface was designed to be as delicate as possible but prioritizing clarity.

This was a standard design process, starting with drawings, and cardboard models to get a feeling for the shapes and volume.
The first drafts in 3D were done in 3D studio max but once the basic design was defined the bulk of the work was done in Solidworks.
Renderings were done in Vray for 3D studio max.

Reception of the project was great. People appreciated the subtleties of the design and it was able to stand out thanks to the atypical horizontal distribution.
It was a great experience but made right at the moment we were transitioning from physical to digital media.

While this type of product have already become obsolete there is still a lot to learn from specialized devices like Sound Systems used to be. The strong relationship between the visual design of the interfaces and its physical form is still important even in the world of touchscreens.

Diego Beltrami

Industrial Design professional, graduated from the University of Buenos Aires. As a professional I’ve worked on diverse projects ranging from marketing campaigns to new technology application developments like 3D printing.
As a designer I see myself as a pragmatist that’s still likes to take a project to its limits. I’ve have a passion for resolving up to the most minute detail and I get along just as well with a pencil as with a circular saw.