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AUDIOWEAPON / Charles Aznavour

AUDIOWEAPON / Charles Aznavour

Vahagn Sargsyan
May 13, 2023
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Music is a weapon that destroys the walls around the oppressed by everyday life and the bustle of consciousness. It opens the door through which light, tranquility, and inspiration enter. Audioweapon is a series of illustrated posters about music.

It all started with the photo that a friend of mine took in an underpass in Kyiv on 3 Jan 2022. It was a picture of Miles Davis on the wall with the words “audio weapon” underneath. I was so impressed when I saw this… An idea was born to create a series of illustrated posters dedicated to the brilliant musicians who amazed me.

I used Adobe Illustrator program.

Steps are the following:

1. Sketching of the composition.
2. Deciding the color pallet.
3. Illustrating layer by layer

Thank you for watching! I will love to hear feedback and critics, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Vahagn Sargsyan

Illustrator, graphic designer & artist

One comment on “AUDIOWEAPON / Charles Aznavour”

  1. Very touching, Charles is audio weapon that heals. Loved the artwork and idea behind is very powerful! Great job!

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